Saturday, October 21, 2006

The beast in the cave

Over on the Pink Heart Society blog they have pics of the 'writing caves' of several author members of the PHS. Everyone seems to know which is mine in spite of the fact that the room looks wonderfully, surprisingly (and rarely) tidy.

It is also missing its most important occupant - The Cat. ACOSB or The Cat Who
must Not Be Named. This does reduce the familiarity of the scene - so much so that the BM, when shown it, did not immediately recognise it.

It's the settee that does it. It creates quite the wrong impression. It is too tidy, too neat, too empty. That settee should have a occupant - one who, if not snoozing on my window sill, or curled around my key board, is usually to be found sleeping somewhere else. On the settee.
So here is a photo of things looking much more like the reality. Much more like that settee is part of my cave - with the VIP (Very Important Pusscat) in situ.


Natasha said...

It's not just the tidiness, Kate. It's the SIZE of your cave. Can you feel my envy???

And your sofa looks even more impressive when sat on. He's a darling.

Anne McAllister said...

It's not the size of the cave, Kate. It's the size of the CAT.

And we even have a word verification that sounds vaguely purred (by an Albanian purr-er, I think). yirrnv.

Kate Walker said...

Well, Natasha, as you can see, Anne has given you the answer - I need a cave this size in order to contain my cat! He is a darling, yes - and he knows it!

Anne, that's definitely a purr - I'm positive I've heard Sid go yirrnv


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