Saturday, January 26, 2008

Go and read . . . .

I have so much to do before I can write a full post this morning, but while you're waiting why not go and read some great blog posts that are already there and waiting for you out in cyberspace this morning.

For a start there's Anne McAllister's wonderful discusssion about What Makes a Hero on her blog, Great stuff - I don;t know about her writing her current hero Seb's story as a book - I'm happy just reading the Anne and Seb instalments right now.

And I love this quote:

"Having a hero is like having a teenager -- you can't tell them anything. They have to go through a learning process. Go on a journey if you will. Start out one place and end up somewhere else. And they have to figure things out for themselves."

While you're there don't miss the great comments too - for today's post and the ones on January 21st and 22nd too. There's a lovely comment there by Lidia about the lion and the mouse - great image - I'll come back to that.
Then if you want to read more - and it's Saturday, you don't have to rush to work, so you've got the time -

Go to Trish Wylie's fabulous rant about fantasies over on Tote Bags 'n' Blogs.

This one had me standing and cheering too. But then It's only what I'd expect from Trish. She's a great writer, a great person - and of course she is responsible for starting the brilliant Pink Heart Society which is going from stength to desrved strength .

And if you don't already know about the Pink Heart Society - you don't know what you're missing. Go on over to the PHS Blog and read all about why today is special for all romance writers and readers 'downunder'

There - my work is done - you have plenty to read and I don't have to think of a new post for myself.


Anne McAllister said...

Thanks, Kate. Loved Trish's column. And I'm really enjoying the comments that have been turning up on my blog. Lots of great minds turning to the notion of 'what makes a hero.' Love it!

Trish said...


Thanks for the lovely comments my darling one. Soooooo looking forward to seeing you soon!

And the PHS IS going from strength to strength but ONLY BECAUSE of all the wonderful people who put so much effort into it ;)

Oh and some of the columnists ain't half bad either... x x x

Now off to read Anne's Blog...

Madeline said...

Kate, you are so right. Anne and Trishs' blogs, are always wonderful.

I'm looking forward to your next blog. Sending Hugs your way. Mads:)


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