Wednesday, August 03, 2011

And the good news is . . .

. . . I get to keep my title - that title!   Everyone in editorial agreed on it, America OKed it and so my newest book, out in March 2012 will be called The Devil and  Miss Jones. I am so pleased - it's the first time in ages that a title I've suggested has been used - and it's a long way from the  Billionaire's Revenge on the Vrgin sort of titles which can only be a good thing.  I just checked and the last time a title I suggested was used was with The Antonakos Marriage  and that was back in 2005!

Have you noticed the new banner up on the top of the page now? I think it's great - the lovely Heather from We Write Romance has just done all the updates  on my web site, so the new covers  for Return of the Stranger are up  and all the details of the coming events.

I just heard from the Arts Officer at The Bronte Society about the workshop and the talk I'm doing for their Festival of Women's Writing in September and apparently  both events are booking well - if you're interested - the programme is available to download here.

It's going to be a great weekend in Haworth - other authors Barbara Trapido and Joanna Briscoe will be there and the screenwriter for the new film version of Jane Eyre  Moira Buffini will be speaking too. Sadly I don't think the star of the film Michael Fassbender will be with her!

Oh - and if you're thinking of entering the New Voices contest -  there are some tips Tips on writing romance in this week's  Woman's Weekly Magazine (UK) in an article by Jane Wenham-Jones with advice from Jojo Moyes, Trisha Ashley - and someone called Kate Walker


gaelikaa said...

I've been trying to order a copy of 'Return of the Stranger' online over here - no luck yet, but I'll keep my eyes peeled. I actually picked up my copy of 'The Proud Wife' from my local booksellers, so maybe that's where I'll get 'Return of the Stranger' too!

BiteMeAsh said...

That is great, awesome to hear! Only problem is that I have to wait so long *lol*

As always your books are the best and thank you for many happy hours of reading!

Rita from South Africa

Kiru Taye said...

Gret news. It must feel good to keep a title after so long.

That's another thing, it's along wait to the book. But I'm looking forward to my copy of Return of the Stranger in the meantime.

Michelle Styles said...

Hooray for keeping your title. I think it is a great one.
I can't wait to read The Return of the Stranger.
Heathcliff sends editorial type purrs of approval for the title.


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