Sunday, August 26, 2012

Charlie's Diary - A Big Day!

It’s been a while  since I wrote my diary  but I have a special reason for  posting today. It’s my birthday! I am two. (My Mum says that I look like two cats stuck together because I’m so big but I’m talking about years here.)
Anyway, today is my birthday so I’m having a celebration.  Started off well with special  chicken chunks for breakfast, followed by a quick snack on some Dreamies, then out into the garden. Luckily the rain of yesterday has stopped. I don’t like rain!  Tonight I am having a party with cat pate and  crunchies – great stuff.  The only down side is that I have to share with Flora the Diva.  But then I’ll get to share when it’s her birthday next month.
My Mum asked me to pose for my special  2nd birthday portrait so she can post it for you to see. So here I am – being two! I’m also reading the Telegraph, as you can see. I like to keep up to date with what is going on. I also like to watch TV – the Olympics were great. I specially liked to try and chase the runners, and the cyclists, and the jumping horses though I got quite bored with the swimming. I don’t like the wet.  I ordered sunshine for my birthday and so far that’s what I’m  getting.
I have a message  from My  Mum – to explain why this blog has been so quiet lately. It’s because she  hurt her hand and so couldn’t type very much. She was chopping vegetables for soup  and she sliced into her finger – right through the nail.  You should have heard the shriek!  It has  been  a bit sore – well, a lot sore, for some days but hopefully it’s healing up now. Personally, I think  she’s daft cutting up veg anyway – I mean, who wants to eat veg?  I know I don’t.  I wouldn’t swap my chicken chunks for chunks of broccoli – broccoli ! – or onions.
Anyway, that’s why  she hasn’t been posting. Typing has been a bit tricky.  So it’s a good thing I’m here to say hello and  make sure you know this blog is still active. Not that I’m feeling all that active right now – I’ve been in the garden all day, climbing trees, chasing Flora,  pouncing on  butterflies. I even tried eating a butterfly. The taste wasn’t all that great – and it was little more than a mouthful so I don’t think I’ll bother again.  It’s almost time for my  posh paté  and then I think I’ll have a little snooze on the sofa.
I like birthdays – I wish they came round more often.   But At least now I’m two! My Mum says I have some more growing to do yet – it’ll be fun to pounce on  Flora if I get any bigger.

Happy Birthday to me!


Caroline said...

Happy birthday Charlie. 2 already - it only seems yesterday when you were....well you get the picture. Sorry to hear about your mums finger - that sounds *very* painful! Glad she's on the mend and able to make your birthday celebrations fun. Caroline x

Maria Mohan said...

Charlie tell your mum to rest that finger. Chopping veg is a horrible job, I know, very dangerous. Happy birthday.

Christina Hollis said...

A belated happy birthday, Charlie! I've never seen such a beautiful cat (and that includes our charmer).

Donna Alward said...

Happy Birthday Charlie! You get handsomer every day.

And oh my on your mum! I hope her finger is doing much better!

Kate Walker said...

Thank you Caroline - purrs! Yes it was only last year that I was one! And my Mum's finger has been *very* sore - so it's a good job I was able to post and hold the fort for her. Hopefully she'll be back now.

Kate Walker said...

Meows to you Maria. I've been helping Mum rest that finger by sitting on her - hard. She hasn't been able to move! Thank you for the birthday greetings - I had a great day. Charlie

Kate Walker said...

Dear Christina, I'll forgive you the blated birthday greetings as you are obviously a lady of great taste - personally I've never seen a more beautiful cat either! Charlie

Kate Walker said...

Dear Donna, you are obvioulsy another lady of great taste - I do indeed get handsomer every day! And my Mum's finger is healing - not quite right yet but getting there. she says thank you for asking. luv Charlie


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