Thursday, September 27, 2012

Talking of older books . . .

This is a post that results from a comment posted on my earlier blog about the reissue of older books.

In the comments on that day PrincessFiona said:

>>Excellent to see the ebooks coming out. Though I look at my nice little shelf with 37 of your titles in paperback and want to complete the set.

I was so thrilled to think that Fiona had  a collection of my books and was looking to complete the set (only 23 titles  to go Fiona!  Well - actually only 21 as two of these were only in ebook form  or a story published on eHarlequin). But this got me wondering  - which is the oldest Kate Walker title  you have?  On your bookshelves? Do you have a collection of oldies from my writing history?

Does anyone out there have a complete collection of Kate Walker titles? Or who has the largest collection?  Is Fiona's 37 titles the biggest collection of Kate Walker's in captivity?

Or - another question - which older title would you most love to find and read ?

Fiona - I don't know if you knew of this, but I just discovered that one of those 'ebook only' stories has actually be published in print in  Australia -  Wife For Real which was a serial over on eHarlequin was a bonus book in with  Innocent Secretary . . .Accidentally Pregnant by Carol Marinelli.  You might find that somewhere.

Anyway - tell me about your oldies and  I'll have a look in my book stock boxes and  offer a couple of giveaways from my backlist to help some of you add to your collection.


marybelle said...

I wish I had a complete collection. My books tend to walk off into the sunset. I need to begin anew & put them under lock & key.

A project dear to my heart.

Maria Mohan said...

I'd love to read Constantine's Revenge as it's supposed to be the novel your writing guide is based on, so to speak. But I'd also love to read THE CHALK LINE, as it's your first. And I'd love to read the one with an Irish hero in it called Ronan Guerin (can't remember the name!).

BTW I only found you two years ago. I have nine of your titles.

PrincessFiona01 said...

I have The Chalk Line and love it. A very emotional read. Of the other two pictured I don't have The Groom's Revenge but do have No Gentleman. As well as my Paperbacks I have A Good Greek Wife which I reread regularly and Return of the Stranger as eBooks. I only keep authors I love to reread.

PrincessFiona01 said...

Found the novella. It's now mine. Along with three more older Kate Walkers the seller had. Nothing in it for you Kate but the knowledge your books are well loved.

Zar Shah said...

If anyone plz tell me the title of the book by Kate walker in which there was a girl who went for audition for a role in a movie n the director had a wrong impression of thatt girl n then fell in lov.. thanks

Kate Walker said...

Hello Zar

I hope you'll read this reply - Is the book you are thinking about The Golden Thief? That was a book I wrote in 1990. Jasmine (Jassy) was an actress who worked as a secretary for famous actor Leigh Benedict and when she went for an audition for a role in a new film, she discovered that he was directing it.

You can see the details on this book here:


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