Monday, March 04, 2013

Well - what do you think?

Last week,  I shared the USA Presents cover of my new book - A Throne for The Taking - with you.  (You can see it below if you missed it) 

I quite like it  - and the people who commented were pretty positive too. 

Now I have the UK cover  and  - er  - well I'm having a hard time trying to imagine my rebellious, emotionally scarred 'black sheep'  prince Alexei  in the cover image I've been given. So I'm posting it here for you to see this one too.

What do you think?


Laura Vivanco said...

Is Alexei Russian? If so, is it any consolation that the model looks like he could be a young relative of Vladimir Putin's? Or does that just make things worse?

Catherine said...

Hi Kate
He is quite handsome and has a lovely brooding look so I think the problem lies in the timing of the photo. Possibly a little earlier or later in the day...just out of the shower and wearing much less clothing or wearing a divine ( and to me that can not be brown) evening suit gazing at the lovely lady he is destined for.
It must be very frustrating when the hero you have created and worked so hard to bring to life is not accurately presented by a cover designer.

Mary Preston said...

I actually rather like it. I agree about the brooding look.

Lizzi Tremayne said...

mmmm.. Kate, sorry, but I can't see it in him, not at all.
He's too soft to be a black sheep. and too tidy and pretty. A real black sheep would never let himself be presented like that, even for a throne, sorry.

My two cents.

Anonymous said...

Kate, this won't accept my Wordprss OpenID of for some reason. I have no idea why, but seems to never recognise it. Have just chosen ID of my name and URL. ??? any idea why?

Anonymous said...

hmmm.. odd. and now it DID! for the first time EVER.. odd.

Kate Walker said...

Hi Laura
Alexei is a prince from an imaginary country but it is meant to be closer to the Black Sea than the Mediterranean. Vladimir Putin . . .hmmm - not quite what I had in mind!

Kate Walker said...

Hi Catherine - I have to agree with you on the 'not brown' comment. Not sure why it doesn't work - but it doesn't!

Kate Walker said...

Thak you Mary. Some people do seem to think that brooding look works - others, it does nothig for!

Kate Walker said...

Hello Lizzi - I's agree with you about a 'real black sheep'. This image isn't my hero. Even if now he has decided that he has to control his rebelliousness for the sake to the throne.
I'm glad that google finally accepted your sign in - I've no idea why it didn;t to start with.

Kate Walker said...

PS yes Catherine - sorry I meant to say that it is frustrating when a hero/heroine isn't accuratle portrayed by a cover designer - but it happens a lot so we get used to it.

lidia said...

Kate, if the model had a wider nose he could be related to the Klitschko brothers. With different clothes/or lack of he would lood more brooding/black sheep like.

Can't wait to read the story!


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