Tuesday, February 03, 2015

February publication date

I was so busy thinking about red-headed heroes yesterday that I forgot that it was February 1st.

And Feb 1st is the publication date for this  3 in 1 By Request title.

His Revenge Seduction  contains my book The Konstantos Marriage Demand  - which won  the Romantic Times  Best Presents Extra 2010 - back when there were such things as 'Presents Extras'.

We have  more snow.  Ruby is intrigued  but hates the feel of it on her paws. Charlie has such huge furry paws that they act like snow shoes  until he comes back inside and leaves giant paw puddles everywhere.

Ruby has solved the cold paw problem by sitting on top of the radiators and staring out at the world, watching the strange white flakes falling down from the sky. When she gets bored she demands to be let go outside again - and is disgusted to find that the white stuff is still there!

I'm actually quite grateful for the snow - it keeps me inside to finish of my sheikh book and get Nabil and Aziza to their happy ending. And when that's done I have a course to finalise for the Fishguard Writers and  Artists Weekend.    Because this is the Advanced Writing Romance course, it's not a one-size-fits-all course, so I work on what the students most need (gathered from their chapter submissions etc.) Meanwhile the chapters and synopses are arriving for the Writing Retreat in Weetwood Hall in  March.

No peace for the wicked!( I must have been very bad!)

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