Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What the Heck. . .

To answer  some enquiries about the Hecks - the family of Hedgehogs who live at the bottom of our garden.

I haven't mentioned them much recently because, to tell the truth, we haven't seen much sign of them and as the hedgehogs  who had been around have been for some years, we weren't sure if they were now very elderly Hecks or sadly ex-Hecks and we no longer had anyone living in Hedgehog Towers. We'd left supplies of hedgehog crunchies by the hedgehog house in the hope there was someone there to feed on them but we couldn't be sure that it was the Hecks and not the birds who had been eating them. A few bits of dung was all that we'd seen.

But this week we were delighted to see that, at the very least, we have one brand new baby  hedgehog - one who has just grown up enough to come out and about hunting for food.  He is more than happy to eat up old cat meat - specially chicken  -  but we have  also invested in a new packet of hedgehog crunchies just in case.

At the moment he's emerging to forage about 8.30 in the evening - both Charlie and Ruby are
fascinated but don't go too close  - those prickles are a bit sharp on inquisitive noses!

The main picture doesn't really show how small this little creature is - so I'm adding a second one to put it in proper proportion to the part of the garden he/she's in.

Tiny.  Hope it stays around - we're planing on feeding it well to encourage it to grow string ready for hibernation this winter.


Mary Preston said...

So cute!!

Kate Sullivan said...

Sooooooo glad you've got hedgehogs, Kate. They are high on the endangered species list and predicted to disappear completely from the UK in 10-15 years!! Kate xx

Kate Walker said...

It is cute isn't it, Mary? He great thing about hedgehogs is that they're still cute even when they grow up. I do enjoy seeing it come into the garden - and the good thing is that it eats slugs and snails which is fine by me.

Kate Walker said...

Hi Kate - me too - I'm so so glad that we have a new young hedgehog - just hope the older ones are still around. Or that this little one has another one nearby to mate with - the idea of endangered hedgehogs is horrible - and the thought of them disappearing for ever is just appalling.


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