Monday, November 02, 2015

Destined for the Desert King

Back home  after a wonderful trip to Leeds and  a great evening with 'Uncle Albert' in Churwell. It was fascinating meeting people who remembered the original  characters behind the fictional ones in  some of the stories -  specially to hear that the shop  Aunt Clara  ran in reality was always known as 'Clara's shop' to the locals.  The houses where some of  the stories are set no longer exist though, having been knocked down and new buildings put up where they used to be.  So we didn't get a chance to try to find any of the toy soldiers the Babe Magnet had buried (with full military honours!)  way back when . . .

Saturday evening was spent at a wonderful, joyous, laughter-filled production of Kiss Me Kate by  Opera North - fantastic singing and fabulous dancing.  A very special evening.  And a little trip down memory lane as the theatre was where we went on out very first date. . . one or two years ago!!

If you buy  your M&B romances from the Harlequin Mills and Boon  web site, then the newest titles are available from today,   That means that if you  can't  wait for your copy of Destined for the Desert King to be on the bookshop shelves, then you can  find a copy of the book on the M&B site right now.

I took a look at the site just now and delighted to find that, after just one day,my book is already at #4 in the Top Ten Bestsellers chart  - that made my day.

Mind you, the same page also told me that it's just seven weeks till Christmas - help!  Good job I took the opportunity to do some shopping in Leeds!


Arpita Martin said...

Terrific Kate that you enjoyed your week end out and that you saw Kiss me Kate opera!
I have finished reading your Olivero's Outrageous Proposal and it is outstanding Modern genre Romance. You have the gift of spinning out these stories where the heroes are so strong, , tender hearted, yet alpha macho men who will love for ever! Your latest one' Destined for the Desert King'surpasses till date all the other ones you have written.Readers should go for it in any form or shape! brilliant.Please visit
Keep going for all of us, your readers.

lidia said...

Kate, any idea when "Destined for the Desert King" will be released in the US? I enjoy reading your blog -- even though I rarely post.

Arpita Martin said...

Exhilarating, emotional, riveting Modern genre Romance a 5* indeed!
Nabil and Aziza are attracted to each other with their past emotional issues and yet both are able to break down their barriers at the end! Kate Walker is a genius of a writer, to hold an exceedingly well crafted story together for the romantic readers! The plot is fast moving, well focused and the couple’s wry wit, sarcasm; facial nuances make it all so believable! Brilliant page turner, to have at hand, to escape into this world of love!
What is this thing called love?


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