Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Happy Leap Year Day

Yes, I know that was yesterday  but I was too busy enjoying it to  write my post then.

And it was a happy Leap Year Day for me with the news from my editor that the revisions I'd worked on for the latest book  had worked really well and she was accepting and buying the book - and would I like another contract? Yes please!

This book has been bedevilled  by slow progress, health setbacks and such so I was really happy to know that it was successful and done and already scheduled to be published  in October.  My working title was Scarlet and Black  but some writer called Stendhal already has  a book under that title - so  this one will now be titled Indebted to Moreno -  Moreno being my brooding Spanish hero Nairo Moreno and Rose is the heroine who's deeply indebted to him .  . . But they share a past with some dark memories in it.

I'm particularly thrilled to know that this one is  accepted and bought as I believe it will be my 65th title!  So that was a good reason to break out the delicious fizz that my lovely students gave me as a thank you at Fishguard this time. Thank you to all of my students - that was a wonderful way to be able to celebrate a rather special book.

Now I need to get writing on the next book for that next contract. So perhaps it's just as well that March is doing its 'coming in like a lion' thing outside today.  Though first I do have to go and choose and organise new wardrobes for the bedroom. But my head will be busy with new ideas - I hope!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Kate!! I'm sure that bubbly tasted wonderful after all those nasty health issues! Glad it's all behind you. Sixty five books is a huge milestone!

Melissa Morgan said...

Congratulations on the forthcoming publication of your 65th book, Kate!! I'm sure every drop of that well-deserved bubbly was relished in Chez Walker :) xx

Kate Walker said...

Thank you 'anonymous'! You're right - the bubbly tasted extra special! I have to admit that I'd been a little worried I might not make the 65 milestone mark - so it was a great feeling to reach it. Now - -- 70??

Kate Walker said...

Hi Melissa - and thank you. As one of the generous students who gave me the bubbly, I think you'll know how special it was to me., My own disappointment is that I wasn't able to share the good news with everyone earlier at the Fishguard course. But we can celebrate a little late at some other course I hope.


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