Wednesday, July 06, 2016

New books/Old Books

I do love the way that books I wrote years ago can suddenly reappear in a new edition - a new translation. Or a reprint of a translation . . . or, as in this case, in a whole new version of an old story that's been reprinted several times already.

Today on Amazon, I was delighted to spot that my 1997 book- The Groom's Revenge had appeared in a brand new form - the  Manga edition turned into an English version as one of the line of Harlequin  Comic.  These editions are great fun because you get all the heightened emotion of the Manga version, the amazing illustrations,  but the story is all in English instead of the Japanese  translation of the original.  So, while I've always loved the Manga version, it's great to be able to actually read this version and understand it.

Checking back to see exactly when the first UK (1997) and  USA (1999)
editions appeared, I was fascinated to see the way the cover had changed along the way too. The first edition had a very square-jawed hero  and he appeared on the first Japanese edition.

But then the book was reprinted - again - in Japan in 2009  (as  a 'Classic)
 and that had a  very different cover . Now here's the Manga edition and once again my hero and heroine are reinvented and appear in a new version - and new illustrations.

I'm delighted to see this new re-reprint of a book that's  - eek - over 20 years old!

1 comment:

Mary Preston said...

It's always fun to see 'foreign' covers. As an Australian I guess I am foreign too.


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