Friday, June 28, 2019

A fine sunny day - though not as warm as tomorrow is predicted to be! - meant that we had an early evening visitor to the garden in the form of a young hedgehog who came wandering across the lawn in search of food.

 Although he was really out and about in daylight and that's usually a warning sign for a hedgehog's health, we had a good look at him and could find no signs of injury or ill health, So we offered a plate of cat meat and crunchies which he attacked with a lot of obvious enjoyment - ditto the bowl of fresh water which he slurped enthusiastically - so he was probably just hungry/thirsty and determined to get to the food before the bigger hedgies w

ho have been wandering about in the dusk most evenings this week. He didn't leave much for them !

Charlie the Maine Coon followed him on his way from the hedgehog houses and sat watching with interest as the youngster chomped his way through the meat on off. Charlie obviously thought it wasn't suitable for him as he didn't even try to share it with him!

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