Friday, January 17, 2020

Anne Bronte January 17th 1820

Today marks the 200th anniversary of the day that the youngest of the Bronte Sisters was born - on the 17th January 1820. 

 Unjustifiably she is too often referred to a s 'quiet, little Anne', the baby of the family! And her books are wrongly regarded as second to those of her more romantic sisters - but her detailed account of alcoholism, marital abuse and female rebellion are incredibly powerful - with a real relevance for so many similar topics these days.
One of the memories that makes me shudder for the way that Anne's reputation was reduced was when I was working in a university bookshop and was asked the book 'Tenant of Wildfell Hall' by Agnes Grey !

To mark this anniversary I'm going to ignore the wind and rain in reality outside and lose myself in the wind and rain - and emotional storms - in The Tenant Of Wildfell Hall.
Happy Birthday Anne

1 comment:

Matte Blk, Catalyst4Christ said...

Thats great - Anne Brontz shall join
us, too, as we RITE zillionz upon
zillions of novels Upstairs in
Seventh-Heaven. Only if
you wanna. Ya dont gotta.
God bless you.


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