Sunday, July 30, 2006

Celebrating Brilliant Writing Friends

I told you so

Well, no, being totally honest, I didn’t actually tell you - but I did think it.

But I did tell you that it was a wonderful, special book!What book? Well I’m sure you remember how I was celebrating writing friends and I wrote about Liz Fielding.

In that post I said what a brilliant, special book Liz’s The Marriage Miracle was

I also said that I was :

not at all surprised that Matty’s story has been shortlisted for yet another
RITA. I shall have my fingers crossed that you win. I’ll be jealous of course –
but there are few writers and few people I’d rather be jealous of. Good luck!

Well this morning I get to be jealous! And I couldn't be happier about it. Because The Marriage Miracle won the Best Short Contemporary category of the RITA awards at the RWA National Conference in Atlanta last night.
So I’m celebrating!

And the fact is that I’m celebrating twice over. I might not have actually blogged about it but there was another book shortlisted for a RITA that I really loved – Brilliant Australian author Marion Lennox had two nominations with The Doctor’s Rescue Mission and Princess of Convenience. Well, Princess of Convenience was my real favourite of the two titles and last night this book won the Best Traditional Romance Category in the RITAs.

Many many congratulations to both Liz and Marion - it couldn’t happen to two nicer women – and to two more brilliant writers. I am thrilled for both of you. And I would totally, totally agree with the decision of the RITA committee.

And if anyone who attended my course in Caerleon is reading – did I or did I not say that if you wanted to read really special writers then you should try Liz Fielding and Marion Lennox? Well this just proves me right!Great books, lovely women, great writers – a great result! (Can you guess I’m kinda pleased?)


Anne McAllister said...

Great news, isn't it?! Two special books, two special woman! And we can call them friends. Wow.

I need to track down both books as I haven't yet read either. But I did read Marion's other book about the doctor on the rescue mission and it was super, too. Wish some of her talent would rub off!

Kate "call me mystic" Hardy said...

I know you were thinking it. I was the gobby one who said it, back in December *g*

And I agree with what Anne said (except obviously I've read Liz's Rita winner). Marion's Med was fab, too.

Anne Gracie said...

Kate and Anne McA, I couldn't agree more. I love both Liz's and Marion's books, too. As do the students in my romance writing class.

And yes, I agree, both are wonderful women and very deserving of a RITA.
Aren't we lucky to have them?

Liz Fielding said...

Heavens! I'm almost too embarrassed to stick my head over the parapet here. I'm only doing it to add my own pleasure at Marion's win.

Thanks so much. You're three very special people and I love you dearly.

Kate Walker said...

That's one of the things I love about romance writers - we would all love to win one fo these awards, but we're all really happy when someone we know and respect wins one instead!

Probably because both as writers adn readers we all recognise good stuff when we see it.

Liz my dear - don't be modest - you and Marion deserve the accolades. And I love you too - just let me rub your RITA for luck when you're presented with it in September


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