Saturday, October 27, 2007

Back Home

I'm back! And I'm tired.

But that is because I had a wonderful, wonderful time. It's impossible not to have a wonderful wonderful time with Ms Abby Green in charge - she is a brilliant tour guide, social secretary and events organiser, and she knows how to make sure her friends have a good time.

Reports will follow on my blog just as soon as I recover enough and catch up with everything else in time to write them. But I hade a wonderful mix of sightseeing, shopping, eating, drinking, a fabulous trip down nostalgia lane to places I loved in my childhood. I visited a film set (which is where this photo of Abby was taken), watched filming, and I fell in love with a gorgeous Irishman - someone Abby works with sometimes in her day job. Though how she manages to concentrate with him around it beyond me! I wanted to bring him home as my souvenir of Ireland but apparently he's already taken. Ah well, I shall have a great memory of black hair, lovely blue eyes and a sexy Irish accent to keep as research for the next time I'm considering an Irish hero.

And Abby and I also shared a shopping expedition as the result of which we now both have new coats and a lighter bank balance.
The BM wandered the streets of Dublin taking all the photographs he needed for the next Foul Deeds and Suspcious Deaths book - which is, obviously, FDSD in Dublin - and we met up in the evenings with The Offspring and his girlfriend to eat and talk over our days and drink a little wine . . . Just a little.
So I'll be back tomorrow with a report and photos


Kate Hardy said...

Welcome home, Kate. Glad you had such a fab time and look forward to all the details! (And of the BM's history bits too...)

Rachel said...

yes, welcome back Kate, we missed you! Really looking forward to the photos.

Jan Jones said...

Glad you had a nice time, Kate.

Merlin and Archer are a little concerned as to who looked after the important people in your house while you were away...?

Biddy said...

Welcome back! I am seriously jealous of your trip away. Details! Details! Details!


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