Monday, October 08, 2007

Bye Bye Black Angel . . .

Angelos Rousakis has left the building. The Black Angel has gone from my desk to my editor's (thank heaven for email in the time of a postal strike!) and I hope she'll be very happy with him. He'll stop her from cracking her whip for a day or so anyway!

Now I have the updates on my web site to complete (I've done some but more are needed) , the course in Fishguard to organise, lots of letters to catch up with and a TBR mountain to scale. The problem there is going to be which book to open first . . . Anne McAllister's The Boss's Wife For A Week - Jodi Picoult (I have 3 on my TBR pile)- Abby Green The Kouros Marriage Revenge - The House at Riverton - The Story of You . . . I need to read my fellow tutor at Fishguard's (Jane Jackson) novel Dangerous Waters before I see her again - Kate Hardy says this is a wonderful read so I'm looking forward to that . . . and oh I'd love to reread some Mary Stewarts (Reread! Kate - are you crazy? I don't have time to read the books I've been given!)

But first I need some sleep . . .

Then it's the TBR pile and the TDL (To Do List!)


juliemt said...

You will absolutely love Jane Jackson's Dangerous Waters. I reviewed it last year and it was fabulous - a really wonderful engrossing Victorian tale. I also absolutely loved Abby and Anne's books and I am still in two minds about whether to get Kate Morton's book - I don't trust Richard and Judy's book choices, but I look forward to hearing your thoughts about it.

Kate Hardy said...

Congrats on delivering the book.

I second what Julie says - Dangerous Waters is fantastic.

The historical stuff is ABSOLUTELY accurate - she's really got the feel of the period - the characterisation is superb and the plot works beautifully.

(And I'm not just biased as she's a friend of mine and shares an agent with me - it's a seriously good read and I'd add it to my list of best historical novels - hmm - have I got you to read The Vizard Mask yet?)

Oh, and pace yourself! (Ducks)

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

You have a lucky editor, Kate!!! At this moment I wish I was your editor so I could read your new upcoming book!!!

Wild wave from autumnal Michigan.

Hugs, JJ

Anne McAllister said...

Dangerous Waters, eh? Ah, the temptation. But my current hero is a long way from leaving the building, so I think I'd better get back to work.

Hope you enjoy The Boss's Wife -- whenever you get around to her!

lidia said...

Kate-great news that you delivered your book to the editor. Means we will have something else to read.

I have Anne's "Boss's Wife" in my TBR pile -- it is near the top. Hope to get to it soon.


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