Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Some reviews and a new cover

My latest Harlequin Presents title, Spanish Billionaire, Innocent Wife, has been getting some great reviews so I thought I'd share a couple with you - these all arrived in the past couple of days .

First, there's Casey B from We Write Romance who says:

Spanish Billionaire, Innocent Wife is a breath of fresh air. Kate Walker is definitely a master of her trade, and it definitely shows as she brings together two strong-willed characters who are obvisously destined to be together despite all odds.

Alannah Redfern made the mistake of falling head-over-heels for a member of the Spanish aristocracy. But what woman wouldn't when the aristocrat was the super-hot, Latin Marquez, Raul Esteban? Then a misunderstanding tears them apart—well, at least for two years—until fate brings them back together. Neither can deny the attraction they still feel, and despite Raul's hesitation to trust her again after she'd dumped him so carelessly before, he can't help but lose himself in her again. And she can't help but let him...

Spanish Billionaire, Innocent Wife is a definite must-read. While the storyline of two people of different stations coming together isn't exactly new, it does have a fresh take on it. The characters are very well written and the locations/situations used are described in a way that brings you into the story. I believe I'm definitely going to be picking up the next Kate Walker title

Deborah Jackson Romance Reviews Today has this to say:

Both Raul and Alannah can’t ignore the strong chemistry that sizzles between them. Raul’s foolish statement two years before has come back to haunt him. Maybe he should explain to Alannah why he made it? Will she listen? Raul does not want to let Alannah go, and because of the deaths of their siblings, Raul has a plan to help both families heal and keep Alannah close to him. Will Alannah agree to the proposition, or will she once again runaway?

SPANISH BILLIONAIRE, INNOCENT WIFE pulls the reader first into the pain of the unexpected loss of a family member and the need to heal, then the second chance at love. Raul is a proud, successful businessman. He needs to learn to put his angry feelings aside as he and Alannah are thrown together. But what will he discover about her? Alannah needs to say what is on her mind and not keep running away. If she loves this fiery Spanish lover, she must take a stand and tell him so!

Kate Walker has written a delightful read. Raul and Alannah‘s romance crackles with the continuing miscommunication and the sexual tension of blossoming love. Will these two grab the opportunity to get their love right? You’ll find out when you read SPANISH BILLIONAIRE, INNOCENT WIFE. Enjoy.

And finally there is this review from Liadan - Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance

The tragedy of losing a loved one is prominent in this story. Ms. Walker relays the hopelessness one feels during a time like that very well. She also shows that no matter how angry you are at a person, if you love them, nothing will stop you from being with them. I enjoyed this book and finished it in a matter of hours it so kept me hooked. This is one author I will be reading more of and I hope you will as well.
My thanks to all the reviewers for their kind comments.
Those with sharp eyes amongst you will have spotted that there is a new cover on my Slide display in the sidebar - the first glimpse of the paperback edition of my September (UK)/
November USA release Bedded By The Greek Billionaire.

For a better look at it - I'll post it here . . .
It's not quite the cover I was expecting. I know my editor had suggested the scene she described as 'the hot scene in the stables.' But it seemes that the art department had other ideas.
So you'll just have to wait till the book comes out before you find out about that scene!


Jan Jones said...

That would be the stables on the beach, I expect.

Kate Walker said...

Perhaps it's where they stable the 'white horses' on the waves. Jan!


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