Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Reading - not!

I'm deep in revisions for my latest book. They're the sort of revisions where it seemed simple to combine my own vision of the story with the comments my editor made.

But then those revisions often mean that touch one scene and the knock on effect from that changes the next scene and the knock on effect from that . . .

So I'm busy - and concentrating . And when I'm concentrating like this, I don't read. It distracts my focus and the focus needs to be on the two characters I'm working with.

But while I'm focusing I'm also aware of the fact that this week my newest Presents title - Bedded By The Greek Billionaire is published. And I want to celebrate that. So, as I mentioned, I'm going to run a small celebratory contest to share the excitement of this new release with you. And of course, as I've said I'm also celebrating that this book in a November Romantic Times Top Pick!

As you know, I was in Guildford lately where everyone who was at the workshop was given a Mills & Boon goody bag, kindly donated by Harlequin Mills & Boon as part of their 100th birthday celebrations. I still have one or two of the goodies left over - so I'm making up two packages of special M&B gifts for each winner of this contest to celebrate my new book.

What do you have to do?

Well I may not be reading but that doesn't mean that you're not. And if you let me know what you're reading then I might want to add it to my own TBR for when I have this book tweaked and back on my editor's desk. So all you have to do to enter this contest is to post a comment telling me what you're reading right now and what you think of it. And in a couple of days time I'll get Sid to pick out the winners.

And I'll put a signed copy of my own Centenary Special novella The Duke's Secret Wife into the goody bag as well.
PS Just to remind you - you can enter my contests from anywhere in the world. I don't restrict entries ot the UK, or USA - if I can post a prize to you, you can enter!
So anyone from all of the 143 countries listed on my Neo Counter can have a go at winning.


Donna Alward said...

I know EXACTLY how those sorts of revisions work and I can't do them unless I'm in the house alone in complete quiet. So I get the no reading thing.

I AM reading right now, a book I got for Christmas last year. It's called The Birth House by Ami McKay and it's going to be very good I think.

traveler said...

I am reading The Sense of Paper by Taylor Holden. Enjoyable and riveting book with lovely and vivid descriptions of various locales.

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Well I just finished Bedded by the Greek Billionaire and I'm in the process of writing the review for PHS, etc.

In my purse is Jennie Lucas Italian Prince, Wedlocked Wife which I'm taking with me on vacation along with Abby Green's December release.

robynl said...

Gunslinger's Bride by Stacey Kayne. Very enjoyable.

Ellen said...

I am busy finishing up Holly Jacobs "Once Upon A Christmas" and will begin Loreth Anne White's "Manhunter" today sometime.

Jane said...

Congrats on the new release. I'm currently reading "Unlacing Lilly" by Gail Ranstrom. Next up if Jo Goodman's "The Price of Desire."

anne said...

Congratulations! I am reading Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay. Memorable. I will read Any Bitter Thing by Monica Wood.

diane said...

I am reading Where Memories Lie by Deborah Crombie and enjoying it greatly. Next one on my list is Dreamers of the Day by Mary Doria Russell.

Eva said...

A Wallflower Christmas by Lisa Kleypas

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate
I have just re-read Michelle Reid's, The Arabian Love Child.
I adore this book, it's a book that always surprises and gives you tingles.
xx Karen

ruth said...

I am reading Silent in the Sanctuary by Dianna Raybourn. I read her previous novel which I enjoyed.

ellie said...

Congrats Kate. What great news.
Right now I am reading Amarcord by Marcella Hazan.It is fascinating and lovely.

annie said...

I am reading Queen of the Road by Doreen Orion. Congrats on the new release.


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