Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Lost weekend

Wasn't there a film called Lost Weekend? Well , in explanation I'll just say one word - migraine - and add a shudder at the memory. Don't even mention revisions . . . Catching up is not going to be fun either

One of the things I need to catch up on is the contest to celebrate the publication of Bedded By The Greek Billionaire.

At last Sid has managed to pick some winners from the comments. Thank you to everyone who contributed, I have some wonderful additions to my TBR pile (though when I'm going to get to read anything soon is another matter!)

The winners that Sid has picked out are Karen - who tempted me to go and reread Michelle Reid's Arabian Love Child (and that is a real temptation . . WIGTBBD - when I get this b.... book done) - and Robynl who recommended Gunslinger's Bride by Stacey Kayne.

Karen and Robyn please email me kate AT kate-walker.com with your postal addresses and I'll put your prizes in the mail. You win a signed copy of the Centenary novella The Duke's Secret Wife together with some other Centenary goodies.

If you didn't win this time, you might like to try your hand at the contest over on My Tote Bag where again I'm celebrating the publication of this new book. The question there is what honour was awarded to Bedded By The Greek Billionaire this month (I'm still smiling!). You need to go over to the My Tote Bag site to find out how to enter this one. The prize is a copy of The Greek Tycoon's Reluctant Wife and Spanish Billionaire Innocent Wife together with a Kate Walker tote bag and some other goodies.

Members of my newsletter group who also entered the special contest I run for them - I'll be announcing the winners today too.

What else? Oh yes - over on Amazon.co.uk I spotted a mystery book which was a reprint of my Her Secret Bridegroom together with Claiming his Wife by Diana Hamilton. I didn't know anything about this - and neither did my editor!

It turns out that this is an Australian reprint and I've managed to find a copy of the cover. So here's the original UK edition (I always liked that cover - it came out in 2001). And here is the new Australian reprint which is on sale in December - but is available now on the Mills & Boon Australia's web site right now.


Jan Jones said...

(((hugs))) on the migraine, Kate. Fun they aren't.

Hope you had happy fur to make you feel better.

robynl said...

congrats Karen and wahoo on my win; thanks Kate for the win and e-mail on it's way.


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