Wednesday, November 05, 2008

New beginnings

In the darkness of the night - well, the very early morning - something woke me. I've no idea what it was but what I did, as I usually do when I need to get back to sleep, was switch on the 'snooze' button on my bedside radio to have something to listen to as I tried to drift off again.

And I caught exactly the moment that in the American elections everyone first realised that Barack Obama had won enough votes to become the next President of the United States.

Coming like that, just as the very first faint hints of dawn were starting to appear, it felt rather like an omen of a new beginning. I certainly hope so.

In book news- yesterday I received a copy of the Czech and the Polish translation of The Antonakos Marriage. The Czech translations amuse me as my name becomes 'Kate Walkerova' on the cover. Not quite as funny as the name my friend Elizabeth Rolls ends up with, but it always makes me smile. The Polish editions are the ones that some branches of WH Smith now stock in the UK so I might be able to see that actually on sale.

I was also asked to write a post for the I (heart) Presents blog to mark the publication the month of Bedded By The Greek Billionaire. I'm told that will go up on Friday so if you're interested in reading posts by other Presents authors then don't forget to check out the blog and see who else is posting there.

Just a reminder to Karen and Robynl to send me your postal addresses so I can send you your prizes from the contest.


Jan Jones said...

Damn. Saw the title and thought that meant you'd started on a nice new hero for us.

Czech editions. A certain male M&B author who writes under a female pseudonym always thinks it's a good idea he didn't choose the surname Legg when it comes to those translations...

Liz Fielding said...

I was coming in and out of consciousness half listening to the election results too, Kate. Then I fell asleep and dreamt that the dh had been elected and I was really irritable because we were going to have to cancel the holiday because he had be in the White House next day. (And yes, I know it's not until January -- I was dreaming!) And then I remembered that he was British so couldn't be the US Pres, but thought, I'd leave them to worry about that.

Incredibly vivid! Very glad to wake up and realise that it wasn't true, even if it did mean I had to face a book that is refusing to end!


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