Thursday, November 05, 2009

Reasons to be Cheerful 3

People have been wondering where I am so just to reassure you - I'm busy tweaking the Greek into submission (almost) but I also have some more good news to share so I thought I'd just report in.

First I welcomed my first visitor from yet another country - Guadaloupe - on to my blog this week. That brings the total of different coiuntries to 149. I wonder if and what will make it to 150.

Then I had another wonderful review for Kept For Her Baby. this time from Romance reader at Heart

Kate Walker's KEPT FOR HER BABY is a story about love, commitment, and the scars deceptions can leave. It is more than a quick read; this tale has depth and emotional connections that are admirable given the brevity of thebook.

Lucy will do anything to see the little boy she's left behind-including rowing a boat to a secluded island, stealing on shore and hiding in thebushes to catch a glimpse of the little guy. Her love is so real and unrestrained that the reader can't help but realize the pain she endures watching the man she left behind holding their son. Of course, Lucy is discovered, and Ricardo exacts his own sort of revenge for her having lefthim. They both harbor serious misconceptions about each other, but when they begin to listen-really listen-to each other, they find they have both been wrong about things concerning their marriage. I inhaled this short book. The mix of cultures, and the beautiful setting,captivated me.

Well done!
Kay James

Thank you Kay!

Thirdly, as you know I often work with the great romance web site We Write Romance. Well, recently Harlequin Digital asked them to sponsor a special ebook bundle of their choices of books. The first one to be issued will be WWR's Presents Choices - and one of my backlist books (The 12 Month Mistress) is in the bundle. If you read your romances as ebooks then this collection will be available from January 1st.

And also with WWR, they have asked me to do a special monthly blog called Kate's Corner over on the WWR site on the 15th of every month. This is a place where I hope to answer questions and talk about things that readers have specially asked me to comment on - so I hope I'll see you there. And if you have a specific question, then you can let me know about it here.

One of the questions already is for me to talk about my cat - adding that I will know which one. I wonder if that came from a certain Sidney ACOSB (a cat of superior breeding.)

But talking about cats and all pets, of course tonight is Bonfire Night here in the UK so I hope all pets will be safe indoors with the curtains drawn so that the bangs and crackles will not upset them. I know that my three will be staying well inside. And the only fire that Flora the Floozie will get close to will be the one in the grate - like this -

That is, if she can beat Dylan to the fire-spot which is not something he willingly relinquishes to any cat, even is she thinks (knows) she is a princess.

And Sid? He doesn't do fires indoors or out, so no doubt he will be helping me to tweak the Greek all evening.

Tomorrow I'll be blogging over on the Pink Heart Society where I'll be talking (in part) about the man who was inspiration for Ricardo in Kept For Her Baby and the heavy duty research involved - ie watching one of my favourite TV programmmes.

Have a fun Bonfire Night if you celebrate it - but keep safe.

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