Saturday, November 07, 2009

Reasons to be Cheerful - 4

I've been looking forward to doing this for ages . . .

Well, it seems like ages because I've known about this from the beginning and I've watched it grow and known that today - the Big Day - was coming soon.

So today I'm really thrilled to let everyone know about a brand-new, very special web site (to me) that goes live today.

You've heard about him a lot on here, - that's the Babe Magnet aka the writer of the Grim and Gruesome - Stephen Wade.

You know the wonderful designer who designed and runs my web site - Heather Reed from We Write Romance and HR Web Concepts

So put the two of them together - and no, in this case, I haven't minded at all that my husband has been in close contact with another woman! - and you get - fanfare and trumpets :

And the site goes live today. Just in time for the publication of his latest book - DNA Crime Investigations - on cold cases solved using DNA.

Why not take a look and see what the Babe Magnet gets up to. There will be more to add soon, but today is launch day so I'm celebrating.

Congratulations Babe Magnet - and thank you Heather.


Nell Dixon said...

t news! Pass on my congrats, I love talking with the Babe Magnet at conferences.

Jan Jones said...

Congrats to the BM, Kate!

Caroline Storer said...

Great site. He/you must be as proud as punch! Take care. Caroline x

ps. I don't know if the BM has thought of getting his (crime) books reviewed in NARPO (National Association of Retired Police Officers) magazine and the London Police Pensioner magazine. (Sorry if he already does of course!)

Lacey Devlin said...

Exciting stuff :D

Kerrin said...

very exciting news indeed!
other exciting news - the mail is working wonders - i received my prize today, thanks!

Sharon said...

Steve's site looks great, Kate - and it would be a crime (ha!) not to visit it!

Margaret Mayo said...

Great site, Kate. Pass on my congratulations to Steve. He must be over the moon with it.

Joanne Cleary said...

Huge congrats to the BM, what a talented family you are :-)

Keefieboy said...

I recognise that handsome man - shall go and check out his website right now!


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