Monday, December 21, 2009

My First Kate Walker - Abby Green

As part of the celebrations for my 25th anniversary of being published, I asked some of my writing friends - and others - to let me know which was the first of my books they read - if they could remember .

The first one to reply was Irish author for Modern Romance/Harlequin Presents Abby Green

To be perfectly honest I'm not sure I can remember my very first Kate Walker - I think she sunk into my brain and thought processes by osmosis and suddenly I couldn't ever remember not having read Kate Walker..! But the one that sticks in my memory in particular is probably 'Fiancee by Mistake'.(1998) It was such a modern take on a traditional romance and I love the bit where Leah, the heroine first meets the hero at the side of an icy road where their passion for each other pretty much melts the snow around them! And then they're stuck in a house together, and all that passion is building and ooohh it's delicious. Plus the hero has a great and very Irish sounding name - Sean Gallagher.

My top five Kate Walker reads are:
The Hostage Bride;
The Hired Husband;
The Sicilian's Wife;
The Twelve Month Mistress;
Desert Affair

I have a couple of memories about Fiancée By Mistake - it was unusual for me in two ways. One, it was a Christmas book and secondly it was the first one I ever wrote where I added the hero's point of view . And yes, Sean Gallagher was meant to be partly Irish!

I understand that it was partly reading the tango scene in The Hostage Bride that sparked off Abby's personal interest in dancing the tango.

Abby's latest Modern Romance Ruthless Greek Boss; Secretary Mistress is out now in the UK and in America, Ruthlessly Bedded, Forcibly Wedded is also on sale. So you can treat yourself to a brand-new Abby Green book to read over Christmas.

You can read more about her latest news and her books on her web site


Caroline said...

Thank you Abby! Fiancee by Mistake' was the book I have desperately been trying to remeber as being one of my first Kate Walker's books! So thanks for putting me out of my misery!

So Kate - thanks to Abby I can now tell you - rather late I'm sorry - but Fiancee by Mistake is one of my all time favourite Kate Walker books! Merry Christmas. Take care. Caroline x

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Daisy, I call her "Kate the Great" and all of her books that I've read have been amazing.


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