Thursday, December 24, 2009

My First Kate Walker - Donna Alward

Continuing the celebrations for the 25 years with contributions from some wonderful writing friends who have been kind enough to share the first Kate Walker they ever read and/or their choices of the Top Five Kate Walker novels they've chosed - today's writer is Canadian Romance writer Donna Alward.

Donna says -

I never really read Presents until I found myself fully immersed in the Category Romance world once I started writing – and that was 2001-2002 (I feel somewhat strange admitting that. It was like a whole world opened up that I’d been missing). So my top five are fairly recent books – all but one.

Sicilian Husband, Blackmailed Bride
Kept for her Baby
The Sicilian’s Red-Hot Revenge
Spanish Billionaire, Innocent Wife
And the surprise entry – Leap in the Dark!

I knew of course which book Donna was going to choose as her #1 - she has made no secret about how much she loves Sicilian Husband, Blackmailed Wife, and Guido Corsentino, the hero of that story. Leap in the Dark is definitely one from the past - as it originally came out in 1989 - 1990 in America.

Donna's own latest hero is Drew Laramie in the first of her Cowboys and Confetti Duet - One Dance With the Cowboy - coming in January 2010.

The second half of this duet, Her Lone Cowboy will follow it in March 2010.

More details can be found on Donna's web site
As there is still so much snow and ice around, and I know that lots of people are travelling today to be with family or to get away on a Christmas break - I want to wish you all a very safe journey so that you reach your destinations without harm or injury ready to enjoy Christmas together.
SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT - about the 25th Anniversary Contest

As I've realised how difficult it's been for me to keep up with things this month - Christmas, visitors, dreadlines - life! - I 'm sure everyone reading this has far too much on their plate to.

So I'm extending the deadline for you to send in contributions to the First Book/Top 5 Favourites for another month.

The last date for entries is now
I have 25 prizes of signed books and an extra gift to give away - so get your entries in now and help me find out which of my titles cames in at #1 in the list of favourite books.

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