Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Big Sister!

From time to time I mention birthdays of people - fellow writers, friends etc. But today is the birthday of a special member of my family. I haven't mentioned her much - so today I'm going to remedy that and say Happy Birthday to my sister Tisha.

She's my big sister - the eldest of the five of us. (There's another sister between us in age and two younger ones)and she's quite a few years older than me but, dang it, she never looks it. Her real name is Laetitia - but from a very early age, lots of little sisters couldn't get their tongue round that so Tisha is the name most people know her by.

Growing up she was a great big sister to have - she introduced me to the theatre - she acted in the local drama group - and treated me to my very first ever visit to a London theatre. That was to the West End production of Camelot. That was when I visited her in her flat in London when she letme borrow makeup, her magazines (after she'd read them) and just occasionally her clothes.

We share a great love of books - Lord of the Rings and Jodi Picoult of just two of the wide range of books we've shared. When I was first trying to write she as the only member of the family who knew about my first attempts, the fact that I had been invited up to London to talk about the possible publication of The Chalk Line all tjose years ago.
She's lived in places that were such fun to visit - Oxford, London - and later Canada (Toronto) and Australia (Tasmania) and I've been able to visit her in all those. When we visited Tasmania in 2004, she helped me achieve an ambition to get to hug a baby wombat. It's not every sister who you can say that about. She's been a radiographer, done a degree (more than one) in Anthropology, and is really Doctor Tisha because of her Ph D. She has a wicked sense of humour and we often share the giggles over the most ridiculous things. And she's as cat-mad as I am. Her Daisy has to share the house with many starys in need of love and a good meal.

Sadly, the fact that she does now live in Tasmania means that she's too far away to visit very often but we do manage phone calls and there's always email. I just wish she was closer so that I could go ad wish her a Happy Birthday in person - but this will have to do
Happy Birthday big sister! I hope you had a wonderful day - and here's to many many more!


Mary said...

That's sweet. I have one sister and 4 brothers and most live far from me, so phone calls, letters and emails are a nice way to keep in touch.

host said...

Happy Birthday!

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Happy Birthday Tisha! You Kate and I share the same birthday month!


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