Monday, November 15, 2010

Busy . . .

What was that I said about being between books and ending up so busy I don't know when I have time to write?

I'm not at all sure where the last week has gone. Catching up on emails, organising promos for the third edition of the 12 Point Guide - my thanks to some lovely people who have been helping me with that. I've also written letters - you know, those funny hand scribbled things that you put in envelopes and stick stamps on them and then they travel miles until the arrive - physically not electronically - at the home of the person you intend them for.

I've been preparing for an early Christmas gift which is arriving on Saturday and . . .Oh yes, I've been reading . . . Now that my book is finished (well the first draft anyway - we'll see what my editor says about it!) I have been free to read exactly what I want for a while.

If you'd like to know what I've taken from my TBR pile and enjoyed then I've been talking about it over on We Write Romance where as always the 15th of the month is the date for my regular guest blog there - Kate's Corner. So why not come and tell me what you've been reading lately?

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maryreinert said...

This year 2010, I celebrated my 55 birthday! I am in your newsletter group.

Mary Reinert


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