Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Charlie's Diary

Big day. Today I'm going to my forever home. Can't wait. But first I had to stoke up on cat crunchies. You never know when you're going to get enough to eat. I live with five other kittens (my litter brothers and sister and Christopher and Pollyanna from the other litter) so I need to make sure I get to the food bowl in good time. Was still stoking up when my Mum and Dad arrived. Sorry, but they had to wait. A guy's got his priorities. And my belly is my priority.
I got put in the cat transporter. Not happy about that as it usually means a trip to the v-e-t but then I usually go along with the whole gang for that. This time I was in a cosy bed - but I still didn't want to be shut in. So I complained . Loudly. Got some good head rubs - result!

At the house I was let out at last. This looks like a good place. They had grub waiting for me straight away - a treat to settle in they said. I'm settling! And The Offspring and his lady came to welcome me too - I got lots of strokes and head rubs.

Met Grandad Dylan. He's OK for an old dude (he's nearly 17!!!). Small though. I'll soon be bigger than him. Cool! He just dozes or stare into the flame thing. (We didn't have one of those in my old place). Says he's worshipping the fire. His answer to anything - meeting me - me pouncing on his tail - trying out his bed - is 'Whatever' . He's got a great attitude for an old. (But I think I'd better not pinch his spot in front of the flame thing.)

Met Sid the Cat. Seems like he's the main man around here. Big respect. Gotta go careful with him or I get the paw round the ear. But I've been hanging out with the really big guys like Harley, Raven and my dad so I can handle myself. Sid says he's ACOSB - a cat of superior breeding. I said I was a COSH - a cat of stunning handsomeness. I think we'll get along. I fancy pouncing on his tail but I think I'll wait - that paw to the ear wasn't funny!

Met Flora - oh boy! She's a Maine Coon like me and quite a doll for an older woman but what an attitude! Hissing and wrinkling her nose at me. The language! Well I wasn't standing for that so I gave her The Growl and went off to play in my tunnel. You could tell she wanted to join in but she was keeping her dignity! The spider ball and the purr got her tempted though - I give great purr! And as for the catnip mouse - does she think I didn't catch her playing with that when she thought my back was turned? I'll soon have her playing pounce and chase. Can't wait - that long fluffy tail of hers is just asking to be pounced on. And we did touch noses at the end of the day. She's just playing hard to get. I'll play it cool and we'll see. .

Found out where all the important stuff is - food bowls, water - litter tray - I'm all set!

Oh - and this place has STAIRS! Man, I love the stairs! We didn't have stairs in my old place! I can run up and down them all day long. It makes a great noise.

But now I'm going to take a nap . . .It's been a long day.


Kate Hardy said...

Fabulous :) I particularly like that last pic of him being completely zonked!

Donna Alward said...

STAIRS! OMG, Boo sounds like an elephant on the stairs. Plus he is in love with my Kate's sock monkey, and drags him down step by step. Thump. Thump.

COSH indeed.

LindaC said...

Congratulations, Kate!
He's beautiful and Flora is still a gorgeous girl. It won't take her long to join in.


Mr Lonely said...

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Jan Jones said...

Welcome, Charlie! Love your take on your forever home.

Nicolette said...

Aww, Charlie's gorgeous! And Flora's as pretty as I remember. You're so lucky to have so many darling beauties in your home.
My oldie, Tamsin, (13) and Magic (4) are getting fed-up of new boy, Joey (2). As a boy, even though he's been neutered, he keeps tryign to dominate them and attacking them. They're not friends and live in separate areas of the house. I so wanted them all to get on and i don't want to get rid of Joey just so I can have a harmonious kitty home again. Any ideas?

lidia said...

What a beautiful cat. You must be very happy with your Christmas present.

I am sure that Charlie realizes how lucky he is to have gone to your house as his "forever home."

maryreinert said...

I put up an artificial tree whenever there is a break in our busy schedule which has not yet occurred. I am part of your newsletter group.


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