Sunday, April 22, 2012

Australian Romance Readers

It's been difficult to get to blogging this week - too much going on. Some of it was fun - we had a visit from the lovely Lesley Horton  who writes gritty crime novels and was running a special Saturday School workshop  for the writing course my husband teaches at Hull University. 

Other stuff has  not come under the heading 'fun' so I've been rather preoccupied.

But today I have a guestblog over at the Australian Romance Readers' Association blog - all  about guilty pleasures (though I'm actually not sure at all why anyone should feel guilty about enjoying something that doesn't harm anyone else.) Anyway, come and join us if you want.

There is a copy of The Devil and Miss Jones to giveaway - which might be the only way an Australian reader can get  the single copy as the book is released in the Mothers' Day Pack in Australia.


Maria Mohan said...

Going there now! Hi Kate!

Desere said...

Thank you Kate!

marybelle said...

Thanks for the notice.


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