Saturday, September 21, 2013

Writing Courses coming up -

September always makes me think of new terms – school  terms, university terms, college terms. It’s been a long time since I was actively involved in those preparations – as a student myself, then with the Babe  Magnet teaching and the Offspring studying at school and then University but  I still love that ‘Back To School’ type of feeling. And, as I admitted over on a Pink Heart blog recently, I love the stationery and pens or pencils that go with it.

So this time of year always makes me think of plans and projects and indulging in a little stationery buying, rather more than the actual ‘New Year’ at the start of January.  And this past week or so I’ve been looking ahead rather more than usual and planning  and organising

I’m always being asked what courses/workshops I will be teaching  so I thought I’d let you know what I have coming up in the next  ‘new year. There are  the  tried and tested events that I now do every year – and one exciting new venture  and a new venue that I’m really looking forward to  getting involved in.

So – first of all, as many of you know there are the courses being run at Fishguard in Pembrokeshire, Wales. I’ve been running these course for years now and am always so happy to go back to Wales , to enjoy the warm hospitality of Anne and Gerry Hobbs who run these events, and to work with the students who sign up for my courses. In  previous years, the summer courses have taken place in Caerleon but sadly last year was the last ever event there and the whole set up has now moved to Fishguard, with the summer event being smaller as a result. So places are strictly limited and both events are booking up fast.

So here are some details:

The 9th Writers and Artists Workshops Weekend

Dates: Friday 28th February – 2nd March 2014

Place:  Fishguard Bay Hotel  Pembrokeshire

Course:  Advanced Writing Contemporary Romance.
Cost: All inclusive - £219-00

This course is designed  for students who have already been on my basic Writing Romance course – or some other. It’s not for beginners but has been designed specially to move one from the basic course.  There are six advanced workshop sessions, discussions and critique sessions.

Places on this course are strictly limited and until this weekend, the advanced course was already fully booked. But I just heard that at least one person has had to  drop out – so there  is at least one place free. If the course fills up, names will be kept on a waiting list on a fikrst come, first served basis.

Writers’ Holiday Fishguard

The new format Writers’ Holiday now also takes  place in the Fishguard Bay Hotel.

Dates: Monday 21st  July – Saturday 26th July inclusive
Cost: All inclusive:£499-00

Course: The Complete Writing Romance course.  The new courses at Writers’ Holiday will now be longer – 8 hours instead of 5.
Again, places  - and rooms at the Fishguard Bay Hotel  - are booking up fast.    There is currently just one 1 double/twin room only for July.   People sharing a room with a friend/ partner  will save on the cost of the holiday. - Unfortunately, the Writers’ Holiday  website is down for two weeks but if you email Gerry Hobbs  and if you mention my name he will sort things out for you.
As soon as the site is back up I'll post a link to it and all the details of this new Writers' Holiday.
These are the courses I've always run - and will continue to run each year in Wales.
But if perhaps you can't get to Fishguard, if you're looking for something morfe in the north of England, or the week-long Writers' Holiday would be difficult for you - I have something new coming up that might suit.


Kim @ said...

Hi Kate

As a north of England girl I'm looking forward to what you might have in mind!

Kind regards

Kim Lain said...

Hi Kate

As a north of England girl I'm looking forward to what you might have in mind!

Kind regards

Kate Walker said...

Hi Kim - take a look at me new post (above) I hope May in Leeds might work for you.


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