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Thank you so very much to everyone who has helped to make the relaunch of  the 12 Point Guide in ebook such a huge success. I've been thrilled by the interest these has been in this book, and watching  it being downloaded in large numbers day after day has been fantastic.

It ended up at #1 on the Amazon lists for Writing skills on both  and  and it's been up there ever since.   So a great big thank you to everyone who contributed to this - the friends and fellow authors who shared the news on Facebook and Twitter and the readers who down loaded  it so enthusiastically.  I've really appreciated it.

Of course, there has been a different sort of response to this  new interest in the book - I  said when I wrote it that my aim was to try and  give something of the feeling of being at one of my courses, to work through the most important points about writing romantic fiction (in fact, any sort of fiction - as one of the comments in the book says, even while directed specifically at romance,  this workbook can be used to help anyone who wants to write fiction).  I know that many people can't get to a course because they just can't get to one,  because they don 't have the spare  time, or the spare cash to  dedicate  even a  weekend to themselves and their writing.  I understand this. After all, it's why I wrote the 12 Point Guide in the first place.

But I'm getting messages from people  who have bought the book - and/or who have decided that this year is the year that they'll really focus on their writing  - and they want to know whether they would benefit from attending a course. They also want to know what  they could get from a course that the 12 Point Book, and its writing exercises, can't do.

I could answer myself -  my answers would be that the direct contact is such a valuable thing. Contact with your tutor so that you can ask direct question, go back over things you don 't understands. Contact with others who want to write   - and who want to write the same thing as you .  Contact that means you can discuss your writing with others who are at the same point as you, who have the same worries and doubts about what you're doing.  And that's  before you consider the fun and laughter - and sharing - and chocolate - and , yes post-it notes!  - that  are part of a course - for me anyway.

But don 't just take my word for it. I asked  my students from this year's Advanced Writing Romance Course at Fishguard what they got out of the  weekend they spent with me in Wales in February this yea
Fishguard Bay Hotel 
r.  Here are some of the replies:

I find that writing courses give me a goal to aim for in terms of submitting finished work because otherwise, being unpublished, there are no real deadlines and it’s difficult to stay motivated. I also love getting feedback on my work, and being able to focus on nothing but writing for a whole weekend is pure indulgence. Discussing romance with other people who have a genuine love for the genre is fantastic too, but the greatest benefit I get is that I come home buzzing with ideas, really inspired and re-energised.    Jo

As someone who has only just plucked up the courage to attend a writing course and expose my efforts to others, I couldn't have picked a better course. Not only did I learn lots but also everyone was so welcoming and friendly and we had a good laugh. It's just great to share ideas and experiences with like-minded people; I would highly recommend Kate's course to anyone who dreams of becoming a romantic novelist!    Claire

Kate's courses are special. They give me a chance to learn from an author who has had in excess of 60 books published, books I love. She gives her time generously and enthusiastically and every time, I'm inspired to do better. The classes are small and very friendly, so everyone feels able to contribute.  Sarah

Weetwood Hall  
I'm so complimented by these comments  - they remind me why I run these courses too.

So, if you're interested in coming on one of my course, watch this space - I'll tel you about the ones I have coming up.  There are weekends for all stages of your writing - beginners,  the special Advanced course in Fishguard - and newly decided on are writing retreats where you can concentrate on your  novel, with advice, input and help - and a detailed one-to-one  session too.  There are some details on my Events page - or you can find out more from Writer's Holiday 
or the Relax and Write websites

Maybe I'll see you at one of them.

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