Thursday, June 05, 2014

Giveaway winners -

So Charlie has generously done his duty and forced himself to eat 10 cat treats from the ones arranged with entries' names on them - and the winners are:

Diane Spigonardo
Amanda Shivrattan
Gillian Emans
Jan Van Engen
 Nova Conover
Helen Lowry
 Lyn Moon
 Cheryl McMichael
 Nikki Cole

 Emails have gone out to all the winners - hopefully I'll run another giveaway soon.
I also have another craft post up as part of my mini blog tour for the publication of A Question of Honor – you’ll find my hints aboutShow don ‘t Tell over on Kelly  Steel’sblog.
Tomorrow is my day for blogging at the Pink Heart Societyblog – maybe I’ll see you there?

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