Friday, June 13, 2014

The Story Behind the Story

Part of the dedication to A Question of Honour   reads like this:

To my who knows how many 'greats' back ancestor Chevalier Charles Wogan whose real-life story was the inspiration behind my fictional version.

Several  people have asked what this dedication means - and who exactly is the 'Chevalier Charles Wogan' I'm talking about.

I've mentioned the story in a couple of places  on my blog tour, but if you want the full story so that you know exactly who he was and what happened, then  a couple of posts around now will  give you the story.

If you look over over on I Heart Presents  today, you'll find the true story of Charles Wogan and the Polish princess  Clementina.

And on the Tote Bags 'n' Blogs  post  from yesterday there is a bit ore about other books that have been
written about this  hero inspiration, together with a couple of portraits of Wogan himself - and his Clementina.  Though I have to admit that neither of them look very much like Karim and Clemmie  on the cover of the Harlequin version out this month.

So if you've ever wondered about the answer to that question I'm always being asked - 'where do you get your ideas  from'  then here's one example of where mine come from.

There's a chance of winning a giveaway copy of A Question of Honor too if you comment  over at I heart Presents. 

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