Monday, January 12, 2015

Life lessons from a cat!

Today is the 12th of January (remind me again how it got to be almost halfway through the first month of 2015!)  And the 12th of the month is the day I post my regular blog over on
Tote Bags 'n'  Blogs.
If you read my blog on the Pink Heart Society, you'll have read how I just don't believe in resolutions - at least not New Year ones. So some people have wondered what do I put in their place?   The answer is one word - what word? Well you'll have to read the blog to find out.

And the cat? Well, I'm taking life lessons from my black and white kitten Ruby and resolving to live life more as she does - she certainly seems very happy on it.


Melissa Morgan said...

Hi Kate, just wanted to say how inspirational and encouraging I found your blog about Resolutions on the Pink Heart page. Just what I needed to read, in fact, on a blustery January day in Wales :) Thank you and Happy 2015!
Melissa xx

Kate Walker said...

Thank you Melissa - I'm so happy that it 'spoke' to you. I really meant it. Happy 2015 to you too. Hope it's a great year for you.


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