Friday, January 23, 2015

UK Cover

At last I've found a copy of the UK cover for my April book - Olivero's Outrageous Proposal.

 It was up on Amazon today - so I thought I'd share with you -  and here it is:

What do you think? I'm sort of Hmmmm   about this one. 
Tall dark handsome hero - check
Villa in Italy - check  
Not at all sure  that Dario is the type to furnish his home with a  grandfather clock . . . But maybe it's the heroine's parents' house  where it would be more appropriate!

Heroine . .  .  err - "So this was Alyse Gregory. . . .She was tall, blonde, beautiful'"
Oh well!

At least the USA cover gets the colouring right!

So which do you prefer?


Rachael Thomas said...

US one for sure!

Kim Elizabeth Lain said...

Hi Kate, I prefer the UK cover even though the heroine isn't blonde. I love the blue cover and crisp font. Can't wait to read this x

Mary Preston said...

I like elements from the UK cover. Pity about the hair.

Andie Brock said...

Hi Kate. I love the NA cover. But your comment about the grandfather clock made me laugh! Dario certainly doesn't look like the kind of guy who would be wanting that in his house!

Melissa Morgan said...

No contest - USA all the way !!!

sleepysian said...

Will be the U.S cover for me. It's nice seeing the hero and heroine cuddling!

Kate Walker said...

I like the US one too Rachael - but it's not totally accurate either. Dario is supposed to be in evening dress - white shirt - but having pulled his bow tie loose at the neck. And Alyse is in a *long* blue dress. Oh well

Kate Walker said...

Hi Kim - I expect most people prefer the covers for their 'home territory'. The trouble is I find it hard to see my heroine in the girl in the picture.

Kate Walker said...

Hi Mary - it is a pity about Alyse's hair colour isn't it? I grit my teeth when I see mistakes like that when it's obvious from the first appearance in the book that she's blonde.

Kate Walker said...

Hi Andie - the NA cover isn't quite right either (see my reply to Rachael's comment) but they are more like my hero and heroine. But that grandfather clock . . . when Dario is supposed to be a rebel all the way . . .Perhaps not!

Kate Walker said...

Hi Melissa. I'm glad you too like the USA cover. I'm happier with that- at least the hero and heroine are touching and not just 'posing'!

Kate Walker said...

Hello sleepysian - I so agree - see my comment to Melissa. I like there to at least be some contact between my hero and heroine - specially when there is plenty of contact in the story!


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