Friday, July 03, 2015

Czeching in

Well I gave away all the foreign translations I had.  If you haven't received yours yet it's on its way. And Diana and Lois, I'm watching the postman waiting for those Spanish editions. You already have first claim on those . . .

Anyway, I'm emptied the 'foreign editions' box and as soon as I did, new translations started to appear!

Not that I mind because it means that my books are going out  to so many different countries where I hope readers will love them. This also means that older books come round again, years after they were first published.

This one is  The Married Mistress -  a book that was published  2003, then  2006. Great to see it back again - and I love the fact that in the Czech edition  my name becomes Kate Walkerova.  Not quite as good as historical novelist  Elizabeth Rollsova   but it always makes me smile.

Anyone want  a Czech translation?  I have a spare copy.

Have a great weekend - the sun is burning high in the sky here but we are promised severe storms later tonight - I do hope so.  I love a wild, fierce storm. The cats won't be happy so they will be under the bed!

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