Friday, July 24, 2015

So you think you can write.

I mentioned the new So You Think You Can Write contest yesterday. This is up and running now -  but this time it’s running  through Wattpad

All the details you need are on the Wattpad site here:

There's a Facebook page  here    and lots more information on the SYTYCW site here

The grand prize is a two book contract with Harlequin.  So what are you waiting for  - get writing - and posting!

Several people have asked if I have any courses that might help you learn about writing romance - well, yes I do, but the problem is that the  Complete Romance Writing course is on next week in Fishguard and  Writers' Holiday at Fishguard is already full.    Sorry!

I  do have another course coming up -with Relax and Write -  but that's actually a Writing Retreat - it's at  a 3 in 1 event in Swanwick in Derbyshire. Here are the details:

 9 - 11 October at The Hayes Conference Centre Swanwick Derbyshire - all inclusive fee £245 -

On this weekend we are organising three different courses.  'Writing for Children' with Anita Loughrey - such a specialist genre - come and join us and find out about how to write for different age groups. How to illustrate your story for the very young. How to inspire the older children to read.
'Focus on Writing Romantic Fiction' - a Retreat with Kate Walker.  This course has a limited number of places, so if you have not booked, please hurry.  Retreats are popular with those writing a novel.  They can receive feedback during the year, as Retreats are twice yearly, they will help you progress chapter by chapter!
'Write About your Uncle Joe' with Stephen Wade links you to not only writing short stories about the past, but putting into words the Family anecdotes that are more personal to each of us, whether for your memoirs or for fiction.

This Retreat is almost booked up and you will have to submit some chapters and a synopsis to work on - but if you're interested contact  Relax and Write for details.

After that, the next course is Advanced Romance Writing back in Fishguard in February 2016 - that's  just about booked up too, with, I think just two places left.
So that's taking me into 2016. After that, there will be more Relax and Write   events - like the course at Royal Agricultural College Cirencester. ..  April 15th - 17th

And another retreat (details to follow)
Which brings us right round to . . . Writers' Holiday Fishguard 2016! They will be accepting day visitors  so that might help. 
Details of all Writers' Holiday events can be found on  their web site here. 

Which reminds me - I need to update my own web site with the new events that are planned.  (Note to self - when I get back from Writers' Holiday at Fishguard)

I know so many of you can't get to any opf the courses but there is always the Kindle edition of the 12 Point Guide to Writing Romance  and the new paperback editions which is available on Amazon UK and USA etc  - Barnes and Noble or here

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