Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Kept For Her Baby

UK  readers  - did you miss out on a copy of Kept For Her Baby?

Or would you just like a really good buy in an ebook in the M&B site's sale?

Secret Love-Child - a 3 in 1 collection  with two other books by Catherine  Spencer and Tina Duncan is currently available for .99p as an ebook on the site and on Kindle.  It's  a great deal if you grab it now.

The postman just brought a bundle of foreign translations  including two of my favourites -  one from Czechoslovakia where I'm  'Kate Walkerova'  and another new manga edition - I love getting those. The illustrations are so great. this one is  Sicilian Husband Blackmailed Bride
 with the Sicilian hero looking like a secret agent in his black trench coat arriving at his heroine's wedding! (He isn't a secret agent however!)

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