Sunday, January 24, 2016

Pink Hearts Blog Day

I really have no idea at all what has happened to the beginning of 2016.

I'm sure it was only yesterday that it was  New Year's Day and the year was starting over all fresh and new. . . and now it's  - what?! January 24th?! How did that happen?

Well, I have some ideas, -
Family birthday
Organising   the redecoration of a. the bedroom b. hall stairs and landing
So that involved a. finding  new wallpaper we could both agree on b buying said wallpaper - and then going back  to the shop to get more wallpaper when we didn't have  enough with the same batch number!
Finding the paint we liked to go with the wallpaper  - see above
Discussing and planning new courses coming up for the next year - with Writers' Holiday and Relax and Write and a couple of other workshops thrown in for good measure.
Revisions . . .

So now I'm hoping to get the revisions off my desk before the decorator comes and sets to work on the hall stairs and landing (could there be a part of the house that guarantees more chaos than that?)
And I need to have the course planned, the handouts printed, the critiques planned for the one to ones before I head for Fishguard in February.

So that seems to be what's happened to - well, most of January.
But today is my unexpected day for blogging over on the Pink Hearts Society Blog. So that's where
you'll find my blog post today (or perhaps I should say my other blog post!)

Oh and talking about courses and writing weekends and such - I've been asked to post details of what I am doing this year so you can know if any courses suit you. So I'll do that this week - there are
two courses with Writer's Holiday and two courses plus a Focus  on Writing Retreat  with Relax and Write 

Details coming up

Oh  but if you are interested in the Advanced Romance Writing Course at Fishguard in February this year - I have unexpectedly got one  free space because a student can't come  -  so if you're interested - act now! And contact Writers'  Holiday asap.

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