Friday, September 02, 2016

The joy of dedications . . .

I came home to a lovely reminder of one of the special joys of being an author. Publishing a book gives me the happy moment of sharing the publication day with a dedication to people I care a lot about. (Or, sadly, sometimes people I used to care a lot about, but thankfully there are few of them.) Today a lovely card let me know how pleased the special friends to whom Indebted to Moreno is dedicated made me smile with happiness at the thought that I have such fabulous friends in my life and that they are happy to discover that I shared the book with them. Regular readers will see that several of the dedications have resulted from the many happy times I've spent at Writers' Holiday - and I hope to share many more.

The 'Mal' half of Malison is also the major support behind the self-pubbed paperback new edition of the 12 Point Guide to Writing Romance. Luckily, both these friends know I love cats - as do they - so the card (see to the side) made me smile for other reasons

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