Thursday, October 06, 2016

Celebrating my 65th title - with a great interview

Today is the official publication date of  Indebted to Moreno . It seems to be out in a lot of places already, and the USA edition has been  on sale for a week or more.

But today is the official publication date.

So to mark today - and the fact that this is my 65th title for Harlequin Mills and Boon -  I've been sharing some posts all over the internet.  If you missed the earlier ones - try:

Revisions and Editions - a post on filling in the backstory of your characters

Kelly Steel's web site  - a special 'interview' with the hero and heroine of  Indebted to Moreno

Amended to include this other post that Nas Dean reminded me of over at  Romance Book Paradise  - thanks Nas!

And today there is a special publication day interview over

 with lovely Rachel  Dove on her blog   One Word At A Time.

I hope this will keep you occupied while I finish this current book (fingers crossed that the rest of the week isn't like the way it's been in the beginning -   and then I can offer some more celebrations for this  special 65th title!


Nas said...

Congratulations on the 65th Book, Kate! And another awesome post is at Romance Book Paradise!

Melissa Morgan said...

Hi Kate, many congratulations on the publication of your 65th book, and here's looking forward to lots and lots more Wonderful Walkers :) xxx

sophiaanne said...

Congratulations Kate on your 65th book. I 've been great fan of yours for so many years. I 'm grateful to be your Fb friend and the precious gift you have given me is your books. Thank you for bringing me into your world. May God continue to bless you as you start on next book.

Kate Walker said...

Thank you for the congratulations Nas - and thank you for the reminder! I'm surprised I forgot that post because it was a great way of doing an interview and I enjoyed writing the answers. I amended my blog post to include it.

Kate Walker said...

Hello Melissa and thank you too for the congratulations. I'm planning on adding more to that total - but not too sure about 'lots and lots'! Lover the Wonderful Walkers - I shall hope for that too. ;-)

Kate Walker said...

Dear Sophia Anne than you for visiting - and thank you so much for your lovely words. They have made my morning. How lovely of you to say that you have enjoyed my books for so long. I hope my novels continue to please you for even longer. I do hope you enjoy Indebted to Moreno as I never want to disappoint my loyal readers because you are who I write the books for. Have a lovely weekend. Katex

lidia said...

Hi Kate, CONGRATULATIONS! I have the book in my TBR pile. Looking forward to reading it. It seems like just recently we were celebrating your 50th book. Sending you some cyber champagne to celebrate with Babe Magnet.



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