Monday, October 31, 2016

Hedgehog housing crisis

We knew we still had some of the Heck family around - the housing boxes were well used, the feeding bowls regularly emptied and there was plenty of - er - hedgie poo around once those bowls had been dealt with. 

 But then we spotted the baby Hecks and realised we might need extra Hog accommodation. When we discovered that there was at least one extra Heck trying to create a new nest further up the garden, we decided we had to take action.

 A bundle of dried grass under the rhubarb leaves was just not warm or safe enough for the winter. So we've now acquired two new hog houses and put them under a protection of leaves and branches, with lots of hay for the Hecks to pull into their new homes. 

This they did with alacrity - they have been happily nesting and settling in ever since. 

The babies are down at the bottom of the garden - presumably with mother - and the food supplies are even more appreciated.

The under the rhubarb leaves hog is now settled in his new den just a few feet away - if we moved it any further, he went back into the rhubarb patch which was getting less cosy by the day. Ruby is entranced by her new prickly friend and sits on the extra hay watching him eat when she can. She investigated the feeding bowls but peanuts and sunflower hearts are not to her liking

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