Saturday, August 12, 2017

Book deliveries

    Sometimes there are no book deliveries to this house - and other times, there are more deliveries than we can cope with! This week has been sort of average - but most of the book boxes have been for the Babe Magnet who seems to have half a dozen new titles publishing in the next couple of months, So we have Write Your Self which arrived this week. I
    love this cover.
    And talking of covers - there's this translation of one of my more recent titles - but it's a little worrying! The Translated title is Mork, Vacker, Mystik. Now in Yorkshire that 'mork' is not a flattering description! In the slang dictionary too, it's defined this way:
    mork n. someone who is completely witless. a low level nincompoop who rarely sees things in perspective.😮🙄
    Not sure that's how I'd describe my hero - if it is the hero they' mean!
    Anyone able to tell me how this title actually translates into English? If you can and you'd like the spare copy of this translation - please post and let me know!


Laura Vivanco said...

I don't know any Swedish but thanks to an online dictionary I'm guessing it means 'Dark, Handsome, Mysterious'.

Laney4 said...

Indebted to Moreno (which I've already read in English - I felt their love for each other throughout and felt it was a good page turner).
It means Dark, Beautiful, Mysterious.
I can't read it (in Swedish), so please save it for someone who can.

Kate Walker said...

Thank you Laura! I should have thought to go and look at an automatic translator - but my brain has just been focused on writing. THat's quite a good title for Indebted to Moreno.

Kate Walker said...

Hi Laney - and thank you. Like I said to Laura, that's a good title for Moreno isn't it? I'm so glad you enjoyed the book - I'm happy with the description of it as a page-turner. Thank you


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