Friday, November 10, 2017

Winners . .

And the winners are : Hollie Rebecca and Gillian Emans (with special thanks for the poem!)
A poem for Charlie:
Right Yourself Charlie,
Don’t fight anymore!
Then you won’t need a cone
To go out of the door.
So listen to Daddy
Read his “Write Yourself” now
To keep yourself busy

Is that clear? Miaow

    Charlie was so honoured that so many people were concerned about him and the wound to his neck. So he was happy to pose for a new photo today - without cone ...- without blood! - to show how perfectly fine he is now. Thank you to everyone who asked about him. He enjoyed picking the winners of the copies of Write Your Self - which will be going in the post today - and he's now preparing to celebrate the 7th anniversary of coming to live in his forever home with us. More treats will be expected, I think!

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