Thursday, November 30, 2017

Where did the week go?

I think there was a week that just went by - but a savage attack by chest infection meant that I wasn't that aware of much of it.
 I do hate being so ill that you can't even read!

Charlie is peeved because he hasn't celebrated the fact that it's 7 years since he came to live with us so there will have to be some extra treats tonight. But to mark the occasion - here is the little blue-eyed boy who arrived here on November 28th 2010 and then there's the handsome purrson he's grown into. 

 (Specially for Anne McAllister - he has also made sure his Advent Calendar is out and ready for the big countdown. He's made a list and checked it twice . . . )

1 comment:

Melissa Morgan said...

Hope you are feeling better, Kate. And wasn't Young Charlie adorable, such innocent blue eyes!! Trust he enjoyed his celebratory treats, and shared them with Ruby, of course. Much love xx


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