Sunday, December 09, 2018

Want to write a romantic novel?

Unexpectedly I've just heard that 3 of my students who had booked for the Advanced Romance Writing Course at Fishguard with Writers Holiday have had life changes, events that have meant they
have had to cancel their places for next February 2019.

So for the first time in  ages I have three places available for anyone who wants to join us on the course - lots of discussion, learning, fun, laughter. . . oh and a total focus on writing the best romance novel you can create. This is an advanced course so if you're looking for a basic 'starter course' then perhaps it's not for you but this is a rare event - I'm usually turning people away when they've booked before leaving the last course in February this year.
So if you're interested check out Writers' Holiday. net and grab a place while they're still going. I'll be happy to meet some new students.
Or if you don't want to write romantic fiction - there are also courses on
Short Story Writing, 
 Travel Writing, 
The Novel or even 
Painting and Drawing 

 available on the same weekend.

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