Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Hedgehog update

Hedgehog update - there seems to have been plenty of - er Hedgehog hanky panky in the past year because when I went out to put the kitten crunchies and some meat for the newest recruit I found that there were 3 young hogs all around the bowl. And they were being supervised by much larger hog - possibly a parent?

 The Babe Magnet has spent some of  his latest payment for articles in the Dalesman on a brand new detached hedgehog house so there should be room for all - as the original Hedgehog Towers is decidedly run down.

 But I now have the perfect excuse for the 'running wild' part of the garden. It was meant as a haven for wildlife and seems to be eminently successful in that. The cost of kitten crunchies has increased hugely though!🙂🙂

Not that I mind at all.  I'd rather have the hedgehogs.

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