Thursday, May 11, 2006

A second thank you

Do you remember this from a post a few days back? The one about my ancestor Chevalier Charles Wogan?

He was awarded a Baronetcy by James 111 and the Pope conferred on him the
title of a Roman Senator .A number of Novels have been written about the
escapade including The King across the water [1911] a novel written by
Huntly McCarthy a study in a book by J.M.Flood The Life of Chevalier
Wogan ,A Soldier of Fortune [1922]

And if anyone ever comes across those books listed here, please
let me know! I've tried Bookfinder etc

Well, I had a reponse to that request - lovely Sahndre found a copy of the J M Flood title listed in a shop in - of course - Dublin. A quick email order and the one and only copy that seems to be available is in the mail and heading my way. I can't wait to get my hands on it

So a special Thank You goes to Sahndre - thanks so much for your help with this - and I'll see you on Sunday

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