Tuesday, May 02, 2006

In transition . . . bits and pieces

Short and sweet today as I'm in transition from one Sicilian to the next so I'm catching up on all my administration and finance matters so that I can start again with a clear - well, clearer slate!

So just to say - Congratulations to my friend Michelle Styles whose very first M&B Historical novel The Gladiator's Honour is out this month. I have my own copy beside my bed and I hope to spend some quality time with the handsome and intriguing Gaius Gracchus Valens when I get a break from Sicilian 2. I love the fact that I had a chance to give this book a tiny push towards publication and so it's a special thrill to see it in print and on the shelves - and, much as I love Regency romances, I'm also delighted to see Historicals branch out into other less 'well populated' periods of history. Look out for the book in shops now.

Seeing as I'm not posting much today, those of you who are interested in writing and learning more about the process may be interested in an interview I did with one of the owners of the We Write Romance web site , Terescia Harvey. She asked some really interesting and thought provoking questions and you can find the interview here. I've also done an interview for the WWR site about my next two books in America and that will be up on the site some time soon if you want to check it out. It's a great site to look around.

Thanks to anyone who followed my link from here to the Romance Junkies web site - they made the one million hits record they were aiming for with more to spare! Again if you're interested in writing they had their annual writing contest coming up soon - check out the site for details.

Finally, seeing as I'm passing on information to anyone interested in writing romance - if you live in the UK and are anywhere near Swanley, Kent - I will be running a full day workshop on writing romance there the weekend after next (14th May - They wanted it to be this weekend, 7th May but I have other plans for then!). Anyway, there are still places available for this - details can be found on my web site - Events page - or by emailing the organisers - Elaine Everest or Kelly Rose Bradford. I'm busy preparing for that right now - yet another of my administrative jobs. I think it's going to be a lot of fun - I'm going to cram as much as I possibly can into the day.


Danica Favorite said...

Waaaa!!! I wish I lived in England! It's been far too long since we've hugged!

Kate Walker said...

Oh Dream, sweetie it is TOO long! I miss you.

The BM and I were talking about maybe next year . . .

Cyber hugs until then




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