Thursday, November 08, 2007

On the road . ...

Greetings from Malvern.

So here we are in Malvern again. The BM has raided the bookshops and I have found some Christmas presents - there some lovely gift shops here. I've also found myself a lovely patchwork bag and a gorgeous 1st birthday present for a little boy who is 1 very soon!

Then this afternoon we were driven indoors by the pouring rain - an excuse for the BM to visit more bookshops so he is now very happy with a bundle of old and musty volumes.But at least as we were driving here we could see the field this time - last time they were still covered in water from the floods.

I was happy to see that the local shop only had one copy of The Greek Tycoon's Unwilling Wife left on the shelf so that brightened the day.

Tomorrow we head for Wales. I'm not sure if I shall have an internet connection there but if I do then I'll report in again.

1 comment:

mammakim said...

oooh the traveling looks fun Kate. Are you taking lots of pictures?


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