Monday, November 26, 2007

Winners and nightmares

Well,actually there are two winners, because Sid being Sid, he snaffled two crunchies at once and I couldn't decide which one was first.

So the winners are -
Ayla Fenton
Danielle Peck

Ayla and Danielle both win signed copies of Kate Walker's 12 Point Guide to Writing Romance and a signed copy of the Greek Tycoon's Unwilling Wife.

Congratulations to both of you. Can you please email me with your postal details and I'll send on the prize to you.

The answer to the question - Apart from the 12 Point Guide to Writing Romance, I've written 2 other books on creative writing (one with my husband) What are the titles of the other two books? - is:

A Straightforward Guide to Writing Romantic Fiction and
Being a Professional Writer (with my husband Stephen Wade)

I meant to post the results yesterday but the BM and I had a crazily busy day trying to get the house a little more organised. Knowing that you have 4 visitors coming to stay for the weekend can do that to you. So we scrubbed and sorted and organised the kitchen cupboards in a way that they really needed after a hectic year when 'spring cleaning' was the last thing on our lists.

Then we collapsed with a welcome glass of wine.

All of which should have insured that I slept like a log and never stirred. Instead of which I had a nightmare that I was planning a dinner party with various writers and friends in a big old house that I've never seen before. Some of the writers I'd never seen before either! And the 'friends' were people I know but wouldn't call friends. Everyone was sitting around talking, enjoying each others company but then after a time when I went to fetch the meal I discovered that I had never turned the oven on and the roast chicken and roast potatoes were still totally raw and cold.

What is wierd about this dream, apart from the guests who were people I can't imagine ever inviting, or even understand why they were in my thoughts, is the fact that as a veggie I would never be cooking a chicken anyway.

Luckily the guests we having coming next weekend are the sort of people who, if the meal was ruined, would say 'Never mind. . .' and order in pizzas. They probably wouldn't give a damn about my clean kitchen cupoboards either - but I know they're done - and looking so much better.


Rachel said...

OOo Kate, you are so good tidying out those cupboards! Must follow your shining example before that jar of mango chutney gets me again.

Jan Jones said...

You see, Kate, that's the sort of thing housework can do to a perfectly good brain. It's just not worth it.

Ray-Anne said...

Now those are the kind of guests I would love to have.
I do hope that ''shudder'' dusting was not involved...although I am sure you could weave that dream into a story one of these fine days.
PS last time I had one of those 'disaster in public' dreams was after red wine. Curious.

LOL Ray-Anne

Anna Lucia said...

You're right, I'm sure those guests wouldn't mind whatever state your cupboards were in.

As long as they weren't bare.

And actually, if they were bare, they'd probably just go shopping and fill them up again...

Lee Morrison said...

Good 'ol Sid, lol.

Have a great visit with your guests.

Dena said...

Congrats ladies! Sid is so cool.


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